Topology in the Swiss Alps

Young Topologists' Meeting

25-30 May 2009 - Le Châtelard - Switzerland


The week will be organized as follow: we'll have three talks in the morning and three talks in the end of the afternoon except on Wednesday, which will be left free for some hiking.

Talks shall be 45min long and accessible to the wide community of young topologists. We will provide a blackboard and a projector connected to a computer. Title and abstracts of the talks will be provided once the registration is completed.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 John Harper David Carchedi Eric Hoffbeck Wolfgang Steimle
10:00 Cédric Bujard David Carchedi Thomas Gire Sebastian Thomas
11:00 Dinesh Deshpande Emanuele Dotto Harry Ullman
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch End of the meeting
17:00 Beginning of the meeting Ryan E. Grady | Stephen Miller
18:00 Holger Kammeyer Walk George Raptis
19:00 Supper David Alexander Miller | Markus Severitt
20:00 Supper Supper Supper Supper

Topology in the Swiss Alps - EPFL/SB/IGAT - Bâtiment BCH - 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland