Roberto Svaldi 

Institute of Mathematics - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
EPFL SB MATH (Bâtiment MA)
Station 8
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
office: MA B1 497 (Bâtiment MA)
phone: +41 21 693 82 61
e-mail: robert***o.s***val***di (at) (remove all the ***)

Research Interests: Birational geometry of higher dimensional algebraic varieties.
Geometry of Fano and Calabi-Yau varieties.
Structure of algebraic foliations with mild singularities.

For an introduction to my research interests, both for the general public and mathematician, you can click here.

Current Position: Bernoulli Instructor at the Institute of Mathematics, EPFL.
I am also a Marie Curie Fellow hosted by the Chair of Algebraic Geometry at EPFL.
I am working on my research project "Birational and moduli problems in algebraic geometry"(BirModProbAG).

My ORCID ID is 0000-0003-1489-5899.

If you are an EPFL student who is considering doing a project under my supervision, please read this page carefully! Once you have done that, you can just get in touch with me to discuss my availability and what the possible options are.

If you are a Bachelor student considering a new experience for your Master studies, EPFL has activated a program of fellowships to attract talented students (Excellence Fellowships).
If you are interested in this possibilities, I am happy to provide more information about the program.

I support this statement of inclusiveness.

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