Research Interests

My work is centered on questions of stability and asymptotic behavior in evolutions equations of fluid dynamics and kinetic theory.

In the realm of fluid dynamics, two concepts are at the core of my investigations:

A slightly exotic effect in a related realm is the improvement due to random diffusion in [6].

In kinetic theory, my work focuses on the stability of equilibria in the Vlasov-Poisson equations (see [8,10,13] below).

Publications and Preprints

The following are also available on my page.

  1. Scattering map for the Vlasov-Poisson system [arXiv:2101.01390]
    -- with Patrick Flynn, Zhimeng Ouyang, Benoit Pausader
    arXiv preprint 2021, submitted
  2. On the stabilizing effect of rotation in the 3d Euler equations [arXiv:2010.10460]
    -- with Yan Guo, Chunyan Huang, Benoit Pausader
    arXiv preprint 2020, submitted
  3. Mixing and diffusion for rough shear flows [arXiv:2009.12268]
    -- with Maria Colombo, Michele Coti Zelati
    arXiv preprint 2020, submitted
  4. Stability of a point charge for the Vlasov-Poisson system: the radial case [arXiv:2008.08013]
    -- with Benoit Pausader
    arXiv preprint 2020, to appear in Communications in Mathematical Physics
  5. Stationary Structures near the Kolmogorov and Poiseuille Flows in the 2d Euler Equations [arXiv:2007.11547]
    -- with Michele Coti Zelati, Tarek M. Elgindi
    arXiv preprint 2020, submitted
  6. On the asymptotic behavior of solutions to the Vlasov-Poisson system [arXiv:2005.03617]
    -- with Alexandru D. Ionescu, Benoit Pausader, Xuecheng Wang
    arXiv preprint 2020, submitted
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    -- with Michele Coti Zelati, Tarek M. Elgindi
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  8. The Surface Quasi-Geostrophic Equation with Random Diffusion [arXiv:1806.03734]
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  9. On the Global Stability of a Beta-Plane Equation [arXiv:1610.03479]
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