Calculus III
Spring 2012

Math 153, Section 31
Instructor: Laurence Field

Course Information

The course information handout is available.

My office hours are held weekly from 4.30–5.30 Wednesday, 5–6 Thursday and Friday, and by appointment. My office is WL 5 (basement of 5720 S. Woodlawn Ave.; enter from side door by ringing the doorbell).

Our course assistant Andy's office hours are held weekly Tuesday 12.15–1.15 and Friday 11.30–12.30, in the C-Shop (Einstein Bagels).

The problem session is 6-7pm Thursdays in Eckhart 308.


Practice Midterm 1 and answers.

Midterm 1 and answers.

Practice Midterm 2 and answers. Note that there is an error in the solution to 6(a). The limit of the ratios ak+1/ak is 8/27, not 8/9. The conclusion remains the same.

Midterm 2 and answers.

Practice final and answers. This practice final is two questions longer than the true final will be, but I didn't want you to draw the conclusion that certain parts of the course are being skipped.

The list of theorems you can be asked to prove on the final exam is as follows:

New: Final exam and answers.

Homework handouts

Homework is due on the Monday one week after it was assigned.

If you want more practice than the homework problems I assign, it is always a good idea to try all the exercises in the sections of the book that we cover.

Remember that in order to be graded, your homework must:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3Deadline extended to Wednesday, April 18

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6—§11.7 ex 38 and 53 have been removed from the homework.

Week 7—Friday's homework is postponed to be part of the Week 8 assignment. Also, my hint about the compound interest question assumes continuous rather than yearly compounding, so you should replace er with (1+r) in that hint.

Week 8—§12.5 ex 36 and 41 have been removed from the homework.

Week 9Due Wednesday, May 30th because of Memorial Day.


Quiz 1 and answers

Quiz 2 and answers

Quiz 3 and answers

Quiz 4 and answers

Quiz 5 and answers

Quiz 6 and answers

Quiz 7 and answers

Quiz 8 and answers

Quiz 9 and answers

Quiz 10 and answers