Arolla Conference on Algebraic Topology

August 24 through 29, 2004

a picture of the participants

The second Arolla conference on homotopy theory took place from August 24 through August 29, 2004. All conference participants were lodged in the

Hôtel Mont-Collon
CH-1986 Arolla

The following institutions and organizations sponsored the conference:

University of Lausanne,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL),
Swiss National Science Foundation.

The conference was organized by Dominique Arlettaz (University of Lausanne) and Kathryn Hess (EPFL).

The proceedings of the conference were published as

An alpine anthology of homotopy theory,
Contemporary Mathematics 399, American Mathematical Society, 2006, xiv+209.

Invited speakers

Greg Arone (Virginia) Guido Mislin (ETHZ)
Jesper Grodal (Chicago) Stefan Schwede (Bonn)
Lars Hesselholt (MIT) Brooke Shipley (Illinois-Chicago)
Ran Levi (Aberdeen) Sarah Whitehouse (Sheffield)
Mike Mandell (Chicago)  


List of abstracts

Tuesday, August 24
16:45 Brayton Gray Decomposition theory
17:45 James Lin Finite H-spaces that are not loop spaces
  Welcome reception
Wednesday, August 25
9:00 Ran Levi The homotopy theory of fusion systems
10:30 Jesper Grodal Root systems for 2-compact groups
11:30 Stephen Theriault Homotopy exponents of Lie groups of low rank
17:00 Natalia Castellana H-spaces with finitely generated cohomology as algebras over the Steenrod algebra
18:00 Jérôme Scherer A cellular dichotomy
Thursday, August 26
9:00 Brooke Shipley K-theory and derived equivalences
10:30 Stefan Schwede Toda brackets and multiplications on 2-cell complexes
11:30 Sarah Whitehouse Infinite sums of Adams operations
  Excursion to La Grande Dixence (the highest dam in the world)
Friday, August 27
9:00 Greg Arone A curious construction on K-theory
10:30 Mike Mandell E1, E2, E3, E4
11:30 Clemens Berger The Barratt-Eccles operad and its canonical filtration
17:00 Ieke Moerdijk Monoidal model categories and the Boardman-Vogt resolution of operads
18:00 Boris Chorny Homotopy localizations vs. ordinary localizations
Saturday, August 28
9:00 Lars Hesselholt On birelative algebraic K-theory
10:30 Guido Mislin Traces in K-theory of group C*-algebras and the Bass conjecture
11:30 Christian Ausoni On the algebraic K-theory of complex K-theory
17:00 Holger Reich Algebraic K-theory of group rings and topological cyclic homology
18:00 Nathalie Wahl Mapping class groups in dimensions 2 and 3 and the automorphism of free groups

List of Participants

1. Angeltveit Vigleik MIT
2. Antoine Sébastien University of Lausanne
3. Anton Marian University of Kentucky
4. Arlettaz Dominique University of Lausanne
5. Arone Gregory University of Virginia
6. Ausoni Christian University of Bonn
7. Baker Andrew University of Glasgow
8. Basterra Maria University of New Hampshire
9. Berger Clemens University of Nice
10. Berrick Jon A. National University of Singapore
11. Blanc Sylvestre EPFL
12. Bojanowska Agnieszka  Warsaw University
13. Bornand David University of Lausanne
14. Bubenik Peter EPFL
15. Castellana Natalia Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
16. Chacholski Wojciech KTH
17. Chorny Boris University of Western Ontario
18. Costoya Cristina EPFL
19. Crossley Martin University of Wales Swansea
20. Gajda Wojciech UAM Poznan
21. Galvez i Carrillo Imma London Metropolitan University
22. Golasinski Marek N. Copernicus University
23. Gray Brayton University of Illinois at Chicago
24. Grbic Jelena University of Aberdeen
25. Greenlees John University of Sheffield
26. Grodal Jesper University of Chicago
27. Henriques Andre MIT
28. Hess Kathryn EPFL
29. Hesselholt Lars MIT
30. Hüttemann Thomas University of Göttingen
31. Inassaridze Hvedri A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute
32. Inassaridze Niko A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute
33. Jackowski Stefan Warsaw University
34. Joachim Michael University of Münster
35. Laures Gerd Ruhr-University of Bochum
36. Levi Ran University of Aberdeen
37. Libman Assaf University of Aberdeen
38. Lin James University of California at San Diego
39. Lunøe-Nielsen Sverre University of Oslo
40. Mandell Michael University of Chicago
41. Matthey Michel University of Lausanne
42. Mislin Guido ETHZ
43. Moerdijk Ieke University of Utrecht
44. Muro Fernando University of Sevilla
45. Neisendorfer Joseph University of Rochester
46. Oliver Bob University Paris 13
47. Pavesic Petar University of Ljubljana
48. Ravenel Douglas University of Rochester
49. Reich Holger University of Oslo
50. Richter Birgit University of Bonn
51. Sagave Steffen University of Bonn
52. Scherer Jerome Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
53. Schwede Stefan University of Bonn
54. Scull Laura University of British Columbia
55. Shipley Brooke University of Illinois at Chicago
56. Smrekar Jaka University of Ljubljana
57. Strickland Neil University of Sheffield
58. Theriault Stephen University of Aberdeen
59. Tonks Andrew London Metropolitan University
60. Varisco Marco University of Münster
61. Vavpetic Ales University of Ljubljana
62. Ventura Joana Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa
63. Wahl Nathalie Aarhus University
64. Whitehouse Sarah University of Sheffield
65. Wüthrich Samuel University of Bern
66. Yapu Luis University of Genève


The closest airport to Sion and Arolla is in Geneva, which is about 160 km from Sion. It is also possible to fly into Zurich and then to travel by train and yellow "La Poste" bus from the Zurich airport to Arolla via Lausanne and Sion (Zurich-Arolla=400 km, less than 4h by train).

Arriving by train and bus: Take a train in the direction of Lausanne, where you may need to change to catch a train to Sion (Lausanne-Sion=100 km). There are some offers from the Swiss Federal Railways. The conference bus will pick up passengers at the train station in Sion. If you are not taking the conference bus from Sion, upon exiting from the train station in Sion, turn left to find the stops of the yellow "La Poste" buses. When you arrive in Arolla, ask the driver to let you off at the Hôtel Mont-Collon. Train and yellow "La Poste" bus schedules are available on the web site of the Swiss Federal Railways.

Arriving by car: Take the highway to Sion, which is approximately 100 km east of Lausanne. Exit from the highway at "Sion-Est" and follow the signs for "Val d'Hérens". The first village you come to will be Vex, where you should follow the signs for "Evolène-Arolla". You will then go through Euseigne, Evolène and Les Haudères before arriving in Arolla, about 40 km from Sion. The Hôtel Mont-Collon is at the entrance to the village of Arolla. The web site can be very valuable to find your itinerary.


a map of the Arolla region

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